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We are providing following services to costumers.

Network Security Solution

Net working SIT creates and maintains a reliable, scalable and flexible network infrastructure, gives its customer s the opportunity to keep current business operation s running efficiently and gives them freedom to position themselves for future challenge s. Being strategic partner for vendors of all hardware and networking companies like Cisco, IBM, D-link, SIT can provide advanced network systems architecture, leading edge applications, streamlined communications, and cost effective network solutions. SIT design team is well experienced to assess, plan, design and implement the infra structure and support services as required by the customer. These consulting services are based on a proven approach, utilizing the latest tools and technique s, which result in a best practices solution. When accurately implemented, this solution can help reduce risk, accelerate implementation time, and lower overall project cost.

SIT’s key functional areas of network management are :

  • Fault Management: Provides facilities that allow network managers to discover faults in managed devices, the network, and network operation, to determine their cause and to take remedial         action.
  • Configuration Management: Monitors network configuration information so that the effects of specific hardware and software can be managed and tracked.
  • Performance Management: Measures various aspects of network performance including the gathering and analysis of statistical data about the system so that it may be maintained at an acceptable level.
  • Security Management: Controls access to network resources so that information cannot be obtained without authorization. A number of different management applications are available, offering competence ranging from simple to extremely complex. Determining whether you need network management depends on your requirements.


Wide Area Networks (WAN)
– If you need a multi location solution for a distributed organization, a WAN might be the answer. There are several models of WAN to consider: frame, leased lines, VPN (Virtual Private Network) or dial up. Wireless Networks – For smaller or more dynamic environments, a wireless network would be a cost effective alternative solution to cabling. Internet c connectivity by utilizing new DSL technology and secure firewalls can provide faster download s and inter-site access to meet your exact requirements .

Local Area Networks (LAN) – Our experience for several years briefs us that building a LAN to link the personal computer s in small organizations will increase their online effectiveness by many folds. Connecting the organization’ s computer s, printers, servers and other peripheral equipment on a common platform lets the users share expensive hardware, application programs and exchange data files quickly, easily and reliably. These LANs make email possible, support centralize d data backups, and provide access to the Intern et. Network & system architecture – SIT works on the concept of Blueprint – Erect – Rationalize . Network performance is optimized based on smart blueprints that cater each and every feature and functionality for the user. SIT has the skill and experience required to analyze your organization, determining key system performance goals while also understanding many challenge s for integration and interoperation. This allows developing a detailed system architecture plans that enables to enter subsequent stages. SIT is armed to meet likely challenge s, and remain poised to resolve any unexpected developments. This front-end effort is vital to building a ready to use, flexible and reliable network that meets current organizational needs, and is future ready. Networking operations & maintenance – A perfect network performance calls for consistent attention. Any network cannot simple be designed, built and left to perform without proper supervision. SIT brings outstanding consciousness of ideal network performance requirements to its operation s and maintenance efforts. Organizations benefit from having expert eyes on their networks, able to recognize issues and refine solutions before they become significant, often before they would be detected by the less experienced. This highly trained attention is the best available assurance that your organization’s networks continue to perform with cent percent reliability.

Remote Network Management

ALSO CALLED : Remote Network Monitoring Management and Remote Management. DEFINITION : We track and manage network issues remotely. Remote tracking helps business get round the clock service without hosting their IT department. Commonly monitored parameters are Network Outage, Firewall, Server and System update for security. We solve problems before it affects your business so there is zero down time. When your network goes down, it can be a disaster. But not if you have SIT remote Network Management team on your side. Our network monitoring services allow us to identify a network emergency (such as downtime ) the moment it happens, spot early signs of trouble and take action to prevent problems from even occurring. And if something does go wrong, our onsite support services can get your network up and running in no time. For our clients we even guarantee a technician on-site within four hours . Device Monitoring Our specialize d device monitoring software proactively alerts our technical support center in case of failure or potential problems in any of the following areas.

Common device monitoring might include:

  • Email
  • Servers
  • Backup application s
  • Available disk space
  • Virus detection
  • Firewall 24×7 On – Site Network Support In cases where a network problem is not able to be prevented , simply knowing the problem exists in a timely manner brings little consolation.For this reason our network monitoring service is included as part of our network support plans, which feature 24×7 emergency support, which feature 24×7 emergency support, including on-site network support within 4 hours.

Our team is trained, certified and highly-experienced with network installation, integration, security and network support with respect to hardware from virtually all major vendors. We have teams of Microsoft and Cisco network specialist s, as well as experts in other recognize d hardware and software suppliers such as Novell, Apple, Citrix, VMware and Sonicwall. These knowledgeable in house professionals can quickly address and correct problems with any system. Whatever your networking monitoring needs may be, our team can handle it. Call us for a Network Analysis @ 917.44 6.9878 or email your query

Network Security Solution

Sonicwall’s family of Internet Security appliance s provide the first line of defense against internet Security threats. Designed to increase security by reducing complexity, sonicwall Internet security appliance s eliminate the cost and complexity of innetwork-securitystalling and managing separate devices and software packages for comprehensive security.

Provide Solutions and Services

  • Firewall Packages
  • Email Security Solutions
  • Content Filtering Solution
  • Network Anti Virus Solutions
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Wireless Security Solution
  • Spam Guard Browse Firewall Categories Small Business Firewalls (1 – 50 users) small business firewall Firewall Types: Budget-Friendly UTM Total Secure Wireless Firewalls Dual ISP / WAN Medium Firewalls (1 – 300 users) Medium Business Firewalls Firewall Types: Dual-WAN Firewalls Low-Cost Firewalls UTM Fire walls Gigabit Firewalls Enterprise Firewalls (1 – 10,000 users) Enterprise Firewalls Firewall Types: Dual-WAN Firewalls UTM Fire walls Gigabit Firewalls.

Remote Network Management

Sonic wall Wireless Security Solutions We offer SonicWall’s complete line of integrate d wireless solutions makes it easy to add secure wireless into an existing network infrastructure or to create a new wireless network from the ground up. SonicWall wireless solutions deliver airtight wireless and wired security to keep even the most aggressive hackers out of your network.

Security Services

  • Comprehensive wireless and wired security.
  • Scalable coverage.
  • Apply firewall rules and security policies
  • Add wireless security to an existing network
  • Seamless interoffice mobility
  • Dual band wireless monitoring
  • Convenient guest internet access Standards based solution

Firewall Security

  • Desktops: DELL, IBM, HP/Compaq and Generic PC
  • Laptops: DELL, IBM, HP/Compaq and other brands
  • Email Servers, Firewall, Hubs/Switch, and Internet Security Appliance
  • ID Card Systems
  • Printers and other Peripherals Software Reseller
  • Microsoft Genuine Products IT Support Services Providing support for systems a administration, Client help desk, IT management, Systems Migration s, Implementation, and wide length of services for your IT department.

Wireless Security

  • Support Contracts
  • Monthly Support contracts is based on number of computer s and service type.
    Desktop/Network Support
  • Network Administration
  • Firewall and Security Management
  • Support 9×5 5day s/7days.
  • Remote Support/O n Site Support
  • Database Server, Email/Web Server and Website Management Consulting Service s Providing Software and hardware services in NYC for past 7 years Consistently delivering Services to Management and IT staff. Design systems per HIPAA laws and help protect companies assets. IT Support Services Providing support for systems administration, Client help desk, IT Management systems Migration s, Implementation, and wide length of Services for your IT Department. Email us : support


  • Disaster Recovery, Data Recovery, HIPAA Compliance and Testing,
  • Servers, Network System Security Planning/Designing (Wired and Wireless), Human Resource s Systems, Financial Sofware, E-Commerce Sites and ID Badges Systems.
  • Firewalls: Wired and wireless are a specialty. Anti-virus, content filtering (web site blocking), intrusion detection and redundant backup solutions. Remote connectivity, backup to remote systems and Virtual Private Networking (VPN).
  • Hardware , Software, and Network upgrades.
  • Help Desk Support On-Site and Off- Site.
  • Remote Network Management.
  • Disaster recovery planning. Help prevent minimum or no data loss. To reduce Server or Network downtime.
  • Provide On-Site Training and Off- Site.
  • Provide services of these systems on-site and remotely.