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Web site Development

Plenty of folks think that web design is all about slapping some words and pictures together and posting them online. No doubt that sort of attitude has created some of the atrocious and nonworking web sites we see out there. At Speed Limit Studios, we know that web design involves a lot of work -and we\’re not scared to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. When we design a web site for you, we: Work out navigational issues. We want to make sure that your customer s and clients can easily find what they are looking for. That\’s why we figure out what customer s and clients are looking for on your web site – and then make sure that they can find what they need easily. This helps ensure that clients are perfectly happy with your web site. Work out usability issues. We want your web site to be easily accessible to everyone, which is why we make sure that it works for vision impaired and hearing impaired users as well. We also consider all the possibilities – that someone is viewing your site on a tiny cell phone, on a slow Internet connection , or on an obscure computer system. Our Speed Limit Studios team really twists itself into a pretzel to ensure that everyone can see your web site perfectly. That must be one reason why we are champion s at Twister – and why our web sites get outstanding results for our clients. See Our Portfolio. Consider your existing brand, logo, collateral, and primary audience. We take into account your budget, who your customer s are, and what your business is all about. That\’s because we don\’t want to create a cookie cutter web site. Please understand: we don’t have anything against cookies (in fact, we have bonded with chocolate chip cookies while working late to meet client deadlines many a time). However, we think that your company deserves a personalized web site that works for you – not for just anyone in your field. We create a web site that is as unique as your company. We design a great site, using all the tools available. Web Premium suit CS5, Photoshop, HTML, Illustrator , we use all the latest and most established technology to create a web site that is visually appealing and yet fully functional . And we listen to you when you give is feedback and ideas, so that we create the web site you want – just not any web site

Application Development 

SIT Solutions also offers our customer s several application designing and developing area. Customize software to meet your business needs and demand Our highly experience staff will design software to meet your business requirements.

  • Microsoft Products,
  • Human Resource s System,
  • Not- For-Profit Financial Software,
  • Medicaid Billing Software,
  • Customize Software Solution. Platforms XML, Windows, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl/CGI, JSP, C/C++, ASP, .NET

On site IT Staffing

We can provide a single technician or teams of technicians to function under the client’s desktop/network support strategy. This would include positions ranging from asset managers , move/installation, desktop support, network support, software/Unix design and support, and project management. SIT has over 10 years of experience in providing onsite consulting services to clients in diverse industries .

We offer services in various areas including Internet and e-Commerce, Packaged Software implementation, Enterprise Application Integration, Telecom, Mobile computing, Client- Server, Systems Programming, Mainframe, Midrange and Data base/Systems Administration. We have an effective sales and recruiting organization and our account managers and recruiters have extensive experience handling staff augmentation and staffing consultancy requirements. Our consultants for on-site consulting are experienced professionals and undergo ongoing in-house training to provide our clients with the latest knowledge, expertise, and technologies available. Their continuous training and broad array of technical and business application experience in a variety of industries gives you immediate access to teams and individual s with the type of dynamic and diversified experience needed to rapidly solve problems and deliver solutions. This makes sure that with the help of these consultants you can finish projects on time, on budget and on target.