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Sage X3 How to Manage Non EDI Partners

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Sage X3 How to Manage Non EDI Partners

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Sage X3 Workflow

Sage X3 > Parameters > Workflow > workflow Rules

Create Business rules to outline requirements of workflow.

Create Workflow rules to manage:
– Purchase Order Acknowledgment: Send email to Partners as soon as orders is enter in Sage.
– Line order Acknowledgement: Send email to partners as Purchase Orders travel to journey of allocations and line items acceptance or rejection, Back order date.
– Ship Notice: Send email when Order is fulfill.
– I excluded Invoicing but that can be automated as well.

Each workflow needs attachment to itemize Line Details of Qty Accepted or Back Order.

There are 7 scenarios for to manage orders for Non EDI partners.

This should help you manage your Non EDI partners same as EDI without User interaction 24/7 in real time.

Sage X3 Excel to 850 Integration:

Eliminate manual data entry from Excel Order download file to Sage.

We have Module to extract data from Excel and convert into 850 EDI standard. This process can save you Ops team data entry time and will eliminate human error. Our module is simple robust and automated.

Send me email if you need assistance:

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